Wedding Photos Preview

10 Jul

I was soooo excited on Friday evening when I received an e-mail from our wedding photographer that our wedding blog and bonus slideshow is ready to give us a sneak peak of what’s to come.  Until the rest of the photos are ready, here’s a short and sweet preview of our big day (feels like so long ago!!).  Enjoy!

Honeymooning Time!!!!

27 May

We’re about to board our plane in about 10 minutes to our first destination…..Singapore (with a long layover in Shanghai)!!

Then next on our itinerary is KL, Malaysia then off to a cruise from Singapore to Nha Trang (Vietnam), Sanya (China), Hong Kong, and then Shanghai as our final destination.

If anyone wants anything in particular from any of our travel destinations, please leave us your comments.  Suggestions for interesting things to eat, see or buy would also be appreciated!


A Birth & A Funeral All in One Week

3 Apr

This week was one of many joys and sadness for us.   My best man and childhood friend, Aidan became a father welcoming his daughter Ainsley to this world on March 30,2011.  Glo and I are extremely happy for Aidan and his wife Angela for their blessing.  Yet, this week was also a time of sadness for us.  My great uncle, Ricardo, passed away on March 27th.  Although, I never felt close to him, I feel saddened by his passing.  He was someone who loved his family and was a great man who achieved many things in his lifetime.

All in all, experiencing a birth and a funeral has been something that’s really made me think about how we all tend to take for granted the short time we have on this planet and the people who matter most to us.   It’s probably something that doesn’t need to be said, but life is short and it’s up to eacdh of us to make the most of it.


Crack Shack Hunting In Vancouver

27 Feb

For the past two years or so, Glo and I have been looking for a house in Vancouver…  Unfortunately, looking for an affordable house in Vancouver (that isn’t a crack shack) is like looking for a crack shack that isn’t… well a crack shack!  Basically, despite what we thought was a high budget all we could afford was crack shacks.  We did look outside the city, in neighbouring areas like Burnaby and Coquitlam, where the situation was a little better, but since the real estate market went crazy over the last two years, it was very difficult to buy a place.  In the only place we bid for, we were the back-up of the back-up offer for a house… in Coquitlam!  Houses that we were interested in Vancouver were even  crazier.  One house we looked at had something like 20 offers on it  and went $100,000 over asking price!   Anyway, the good news is things aren’t as crazy anymore… or at least it seems like it.  The bad news is that house prices are even higher now with the average single detached home in Vancouver at $1,000,000.

With all that said, we’re still looking.  We’re hoping prices won’t skyrocket again when spring rolls around, but that may be just wishful thinking.  Our strategy is to either find a home with an income generating suite or stay where we’re at now and just buy an investment property.  Either way, the debt load we’ll be incurring is a little unsettling.  But, sometimes you have to take risks in life.

Here are some interesting articles and a fun guessing game related to the crazy housing market in Vancouver:

Crack Shack or Mansion?  – C’mon test your knowledge !


A New Baby Boom?

26 Jan

There’s another baby on the way!  … For one of our friends, I mean. 😛  Over the past year or so it seems that everyone’s been poppin out little ones left, right & centre like they were tic tacs…. which basically makes me wonder if we’re on the cusp of another baby boom?

So far we know of 4 couples who are currently pregnant with their first child! It really is wonderful news for all the happy, soon-to-be parents!  Glo and I are super excited and happy for all of you ‘preggers’ out there.  We wish you a healthy pregnancy and we look forward to seeing the new additions to your families soon!

Rey & Glo

No Wine For You!

23 Jan

So… one of the ways we were trying to save money on this wedding was to make our own wine. Now, don’t worry it’s not like we got some grapes and started stomping on them barefoot in our bath tub. We got a Groupon for this place called Winemasters in Vancouver ! It was a really awesome deal and you don’t really even do any of the winemaking. They do it all for you. All you have to do is come back to the store a few months later and bottle it.  Now, everything was fine until yesterday when Glo finds out that the restaurant is refusing to serve our Groupon wine because it’s actually illegal in B.C. to bring your own wine into restaurants.  I think most other province in Canada allows you to BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) into restaurants.  We may be the only one to have this law!

Apparently, a few of the Chinese restaurants in Richmond were recently busted for breaking the law since the cops had started enforcing the law more stringently.  So, the restaurant manager is now refusing to serve our Groupon wine.  Instead, he wants us to buy the wine from them as required by the law.  Initially, I was quite mad about this as this feels like we’re getting gouged/tricked into paying for wine.   But, as we started researching the situation further we found out that this is the law and restaurants don’t even get wholesale price on liquor.  So, what can we do?  We’ll just have to add this to the list of awesome surprises we’ve had to deal with during the wedding planning process.  …Also, since I’ve just revealed to all of you that we have Groupon wine, it actually sounds tacky.  So, luckily for y’all you now get better, commercially bottled wine!   Merlot, anyone? 😛


Happy New Year! Only 5 Months to Go!

2 Jan

Happy New Year to everyone!  Needless to say, 2011 is going to be a big year for us.  The wedding, of course, is going to be taking up most of our attention for the next 5 months or so.   In fact, we’ve started looking at everything that we need to do and there’s still so much that needs to be done.  First, on the list (still!) is getting the wedding invites out.  We still have about 50 or so to  mail out/hand deliver and we should have all of our invites ready within the next week or so.   After that we have to work on the program, planning the mini-reception, figurin out the honeymoon, etc…  The list is almost endless.

While doing all this I’m planning to take a publishing course at SFU and have started volunteering as a social media coordinator for a place called the Compassionate Eye.   I’m also looking at making a stronger effort to make a career move into communications, which is going to keep me busy learning how to make webpages,  use various forms of social media, write articles for various sites/publications, etc…  As well I MAY be writing the LSAT in February and going to Law School in the Fall term.   However, I’m not sure if I really want to pursue the latter as the opportunity costs in going to law school at this point in my life are quite high.   Of course, depending on what does happen with my career/school situation, we are also looking at buying a place in 2011.   But, we’ll have to see since everything is still a bit uncertain.

Anyway, right now, 2011 is looking to be quite a busy & exciting year for me and hopefully a year of positive changes not just for myself, but for the two of us.


Wedding Invite Fun!

3 Dec

So we decided to create our own ‘handcrafted,’ personally designed wedding invites.  We did this for three reasons.  First, G’s cousin graciously and kindly offered to help design the cards.  She loves designing and making cards and is quite talented at it.  She made this awesome Canucks birthday card, which I wanted to use for our invites.. .

But G. vetoed that idea.  Party pooper.  😛

Anyway, the second reason why we decided to do this is so I can learn Adobe InDesign.  I’m currently trying to teach myself the entire Adobe Suite, which I figured was going to be hard, but is actually… quite hard.  But, the good thing is I’m learning lots! …Mostly, of what NOT to do and how Apples really are easier to use for graphics/designing folks.   And the third reason is coz we’re a glutton for punishment.

So far we’ve spent hours and hours and hours and hours on the invites.  Mind you there’s a learning curve in learning InDesign, but the cutting, the pasting, more cutting, pasting is just taking forever.  Add to that that we have like a million inserts and infinite number of combos for who gets what (postage invites, non-postage invites, local attractions, reply envelope, etc…).  In hindsight, I’m thinking we should have just standardized the invite!  Anyway, all in all I learned lots about InDesign and G. learned how hard it is to cut straight! …The invites start going out tomorrow so check your mailboxes soon!  😛


Photographing Kids

15 Oct

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph the bday party of my friend’s neice who was turning 2!  Check the new Kids page under the Photography section for some of those photos!!  It was fun but I realize that it takes quite a lot of stamina to photograph kids since I find the nicest pics of them to be at their eye level.  Quick focussing is also needed since they are so energetic and move so quickly.  Needless to say I got a good workout photographing them for nearly 3 hours.  Hope  you enjoy the photos.


Wedding Planning Dilemma

12 Oct

After months and months of planning to be married in a Catholic church, 3 churches and 5 priests later, I am still finding it difficult to pinpoint the ceremony time.  It’s a long story so I will not write about the details here.  But all I will say is that what I would like as a schedule for our day is not the most suitable for some of our guests.  After much mulling over with the pros and cons of the options in front of me, I think it is not unreasonable to take on the position of planning the day that favours our preference.  We have taken everyone’s opinions and considerations into account and in the end, we just have to make a decision and go with it.  After all, it is not possible to please everyone, but we tried.  I’m hoping that everyone understands.

G (with edits by R)